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The biggest advantage are bolsters on the side.

They keep our baby safe inside, if we put him on our bed (providing, that the baby can’t sit yet).

Side bolsters cover our baby, when we take him to our bed during sleeping.

We can be sure, that he won’t slide under the comforter, and we will not squash him with our body.

We can also use it in babies bed, to create comfortable and cosy space.

It’s great for any trips to our family or friends.

We can take our babies “cosy place” with him.

Other good think is, that the Cocoon doesn’t take too much space in transport. You can pack it in the small cotton bag.

You can change Cocoon size by drawstrings.

The Coocon has a small hood, which protects babies head from wind and sunlight.

The hood was projected to make the Cocoon even more cosy.

It is stiffen by underwire.

There is a special pillow in the internal part of Cocoon.

The pillow complements the side bolsters function in keeping babies head safe.

We can use the pillow apart from the Cocoon. Everything is made of 100% cotton. The colors of cotton are emphasized  by edging that is sewed in.

The mosquito net is a great protection from intrusive insects.

It keeps your baby sleep calmly. It covers the whole wrap blanket’s surface..

The sides of the mosquito net are finished with rubber, that you can string on the bottom to keep the surface tight. Thanks to it, the net won’t hang loose at the head of your baby.

If you want, we can sew Cocoon in the color, that you choose.


Outside: 95x45cm, Inside: 30x83cm.

Filling: antiallergic non-woven fabric and silicone ball.

Cocoon is made for lying. It is not supposed to be used for transporting the baby.

It’s made for 0-6 months old babies.

You can wash it in the washing machine. The right washing temperature is 30 0c. Don’t put in tumble dryer.



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