Set – Teddy Bear, Elephant



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Set includes:

– Teddy Bear or Elephant pillow (to choose from) 58 cm x 43 cm (+/- 2 cm)

– crib protector (3 pillows 30x40cm, 1 roller 110cm long diameter ~15 cm)

– bedding set: duvet cover 100 x 135 cm, pillowcase 40 x 60 cm (+/- 2 cm)

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The friendly set with decorative bolster is an original decoration in children’s room, while providing comfort and safety. The protector makes the baby safe from accidentally hitting its head on crib spindles. It makes children more willing to have some rest in their beds.

By creating cozy and comfortable place, the baby is calmer and falls asleep faster. This set is perfect element for interior decoration.

Cute Teddy Bear or Elephant and colors of the protector make the set a perfect gift idea.


Crib protector:


Embroidered pillow of Teddy Bear/Elephant is made from soft gray cotton, it’s back is soft minky fabric. Teddy Bear has a soft ear that is nice to touch and cotton hat topped with white pom-pom.

Set includes 3 pillows 30x40cm. Roller made from soft minky fabric, available in three colors, 110cm long diameter 15cm.

Pillows can be arranged in any way by tying them to the crib with dedicated cords. Such mounting method is very safe. All the pillows are filled with silicone fiber.


Bedding 2 pieces:

– duvet cover 135x100cm

– pillowcases 40×60 cm


Materials: 100% cotton, minky fabric, polyester

Filling: 1 class polyester balls

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Bear, Elephant